Last year (2015), Windsor’s Downtown Mission, through its various programs…

  • Provided 12,775 safe nights of accommodations

  • Served in excess of 265,000 meals

  • Provided clothing to 8,500 individuals

  • Trained over 60 individuals and assisted them back into the work force.

  • More people than we can count were treated with respect, shown love, were given hope and shown compassion. Everyone that we came into contact with was shown God’s love through the example of our staff and volunteers.

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Mission Possible: $150,000 Matching Gift Challenge

Your donations to our Wellness Centre build, received by July 31, will be matched dollar for dollar by Champion Products, Ground Effects, Rock Developments, The Scott Family Foundation and our own Board of Directors.

Our guests have experienced catastrophic illness, job loss, family breakdown, mental health challenges and some have faced unspeakable abuse at home or on the streets.You can help provide a Wellness Centre that truly addresses the opportunity for human growth.

Through your support and generosity we were able to purchase an additional building at 875 Ouellette which will provide the much needed extra space for our foodbank, wellness programs, and a space for our guests to sleep in beds - off the dining room floor.

The Downtown Mission has always believed in fiscal responsibility and living within our means. We hope you agree that purchasing an existing building was the most cost effective use of our donors dollars and your past support allows us to keep our campaign goal down to $750,000 for renovations rather than millions for a new building.

With your continued support, we hope to have the new Wellness Centre open by September.

The Distress Centre of the Downtown Mission



12 noon - 12 midnight (365 days a year)

We are pleased to announce that the Distress Centre of Windsor-Essex County will continue to offer its valuable services to people experiencing a need for support as a new program of the Downtown Mission. The Distress Centre of the Downtown Mission receives about 3,000 phone calls each year from people needing support, empathy and understanding, or crisis counselling for people in distress.

In the summer of 2015, the Distress Centre of Windsor-Essex lost the financial support of a major funder and immediately began a search to find a new partner that shared a common mission to enable the program to continue its vital work. As discussions with the Downtown Mission progressed both Boards realized that there was a natural collaboration that would enhance local emotional support services, as well as, increase the scope and reach of each organization’s program offerings. In December of 2015, the Board of the Distress Centre Windsor-Essex accepted the Board of the Downtown Mission’s proposal to become a program of the Mission. The Board of the Distress Centre Windsor-Essex will became an advisory committee to the Downtown Mission.

“The Mission is pleased to be the new caretaker of this incredible community service. It’s a natural extension of the programming we provide for hurting people and is another important service for people in distress. Most importantly, there will be no disruption of the current Distress Centre program offerings to people in our community in need of emotional support, crisis intervention or referrals, “said Ron Dunn Executive Director of the Downtown Mission.

“The Distress Centre has found a new home at the Mission and we are pleased that our staff and volunteers will be able to continue to provide the high level of support to people who are having a crisis and require help, compassion, and the human touch of our organization,” said Rukshini Ponniah-Goulin. Mrs. Ponniah-Goulin will continue to lead this program as a director and member of the leadership team at the Downtown Mission.

“We are pleased to have Rukshini as a key member of our leadership team. Her experience and background in counselling will be a great benefit in terms of staff development and training, which will elevate the quality of all our programs to hurting people,” Mr. Dunn said


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