The Downtown Mission helps feed all God’s creatures

Wings Rehabilitation Centre in Amherstburg rehabilitates approximately 3,200 animals each year. As well they are an organization committed to educate the public about wildlife. Presently they are involved in youth programs, inviting children to their rehabilitation facility and engaging them in a process about wildlife and the beauty and variety of God’s creation.

The Downtown Mission has an ongoing commitment and a desire to use all of the foods gifted to the Mission. When some canned goods are expired and it is advised not to serve them from our kitchen, those canned goods are set aside. The staff at Wings have identified the canned goods that are suitable to be consumed by their guests and that food is gifted to the Wings Rehab Centre in Amherstburg for the wildlife residing in their treatment facility.

Bernard, our ever faithful volunteer, then empties the expired cans that cannot be consumed. We would prefer to not have expired food donated, a good rule of thumb is “when in doubt, pitch it out”.

What wonderful collaboration between organizations committed to make a better world for all of creation!