We actively encourage all members of the community to get involved in the fight against hunger by donating food to the Downtown Mission. Your donation of nutritious, non-perishable, non-expired food items goes a long way in helping us get food to families and individuals in need.

Eight steps to a successful Drive

  1. Create your team. It is more fun with friends!

  2. Call the Mission to let us know about your Food Drive — we appreciate the heads-up!

  3. Visit the Food Room page to see what kinds of food the Mission needs most right now.

  4. Establish roles. Who will do what, by when?

  5. Define a timeline. Give yourself enough time to meet your deadline and goal.

  6. Promote as much as possible — keep your donors up-to-date!

  7. Arrange for transportation. A big part of organizing a Food Drive is delivering the food to the Downtown Mission. We can arrange for pick-up if delivery is not possible.

  8. Tell us about your experience through pictures, videos and blogs. If you give us permission, we may share your story on our Web site!

For more information, contact us at foodroom@downtownmission.com or 519-973-5573. Thank you!

Become a Hunger Hero by supporting the fight against hunger. Each donation makes a positive difference in our efforts to feed Windsor’s hungry.