The Sanctuary is an emergency crash-bed program that gives homeless individuals a safe and secure place to rest and sleep at night. Our staff is ready to welcome and assist anyone coming into the Sanctuary for much-needed comfort, warmth and safety.

Individuals are given bedding items and a mat to sleep on. There is a shower facility to accommodate anyone needing a shower, with towels, shampoo and soap provided.

The Sanctuary is open from 10:45pm to 8:30am. In the morning everyone will receive breakfast & coffee.

If you need to get out of the cold, we provide:

  • A safe, warm place of sanctuary

  • Shower facilities, and a morning coffee and snack

  • Compassionate, non-judgemental staff

What to expect:

  • Please arrive between 10:00 pm and 2 am.

  • Both men and women are welcome.

  • We ask only your name and age. No ID required.

  • You are welcome even if you are suspended from the Mission’s day programs or from other agencies' programs.

  • We don’t share your name with any government department (e.g., welfare or disability).