… and what can be done it about it?

The Downtown Mission has been active in Windsor for over 40 years. Securing healthy and nutritious food, and feeding those in need, has always been part of our mission. One of our major programs is our Food Bank. There is a measurable trend of increasing numbers for those accessing our Food Bank. Need for the Food Bank continues to be a chronic issue in our community.

  • Over 7,300 people/families were assisted by our food bank in 2013
  • Over 750 were first-time users
  • Over 2500 of those assisted are children under the age of 18
  • The need for assistance in Windsor is particularly high among the working poor: single parents: people on assistance: seniors: new immigrants

We are able to help people in need in the short term:

  • The food bank is now open 4 days a week. Each client can access our food bank 4 times a year (we allow for special circumstances as well)
  • Each shopping experience provides a minimum of 3 days’ worth of food
  • We receive generous support from a wide variety of groups, local business, faith communities, and community members.

  • We belong to the Windsor and Essex Food Bank Association which works collaboratively to feed the hungry of the area.

However, many of our guests need longer-term help in order to become self-sufficient, and to end their need for emergency food assistance through:

  • Improved access to education and training for adults
  • Better access to housing that is adequate and affordable
  • Access to quality, affordable and flexible child care
  • Improved help from government surrounding social services, such as addictions and mental health services

Because of physical and intellectual challenges, mental health problems, or other issues, some of our clients may find it very difficult to enter the workforce on a full-time basis. Such clients would not need assistance from our food bank if provincial and municipal support systems were adequate to need:

  • Social assistance rates, do not provide enough assistance for adequate housing, diet and other essentials
  • Supportive housing geared to the needs of people with disabilities and mental health problems is inadequate to the need in our community

The Downtown Mission is working everyday to help those in need. But we need your help to find and implement long-term solutions that will make food banks unnecessary!